The First Impressions… Eyeshadows

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So if you read my Birthday Beauty Haul post, you will know that I treated myself to a couple of MAC eyeshadows and the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I have decided that I want to do a more in depth first impressions post about them!

2015-04-20 08.31.31

Firstly, the MAC eyeshadows… I chose to get a 4x eyeshadow empty palette to put my eyeshadows in and buy the refill pans, instead of buying the eyeshadows in individual pots. For me, this seemed like a better idea because, overall you do save a bit of money and you definitely save on space.

The individual eyeshadows in pots cost £13

The refill pans are £10

The quad palette is £5

2015-04-20 08.32.27
Left: Expensive Pink; Right: Sable

The first eyeshadow that I purchased for my palette, shown on the right in the picture above and top on the swatches below, is Sable. This is a Frost finish and it is gorgeous. I know different people can interpret shades differently, but for me this is a warm brown with a fine bronze shimmer running through it. I like using this as a crease shade when I don’t want my eye make up to be too heavy… so most days… as it isn’t too overpowering and in your face. This shade could also be used all over the lid as it isn’t overly dark.

(Each Swatch is one swipe in the pan then one swipe on my arm)

2015-04-20 08.33.02
Top: Sable; Bottom: Expensive Pink
2015-04-20 08.33.22
Top: Sable; Bottom: Expensive Pink

The second MAC eyeshadow that I purchased, shown in the pan on the left and as the bottom swatch, is Expensive Pink. I am in love with this shade. It is a Veluxe Pearl (not that I really know what that means…) and on the lid this can appear in two ways, when I used this lightly across the who lid, this was a beautiful rose gold shade, whilst when used more heavily, just through the crease, this was more of a coral with gold shimmer. I loved this both ways and I think I will get a lot of use out of it as it complements my eye colour very well (in my opinion anyway!). In the pan, I see this as a lovely peach-pink with gold shimmer through it.

As you can see, I still have 2 slots free, I have decided on Ricepaper to fill one, however I would love your recommendations of a darker warm brown shade for a more dramatic eye look!

2015-04-20 08.29.49

On to the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette… well, where do you start! I am going to talk about each shade in turn from left to right (I have put the photographs so that the swatches match up with the shades shown in the palette).

(All swatches were one swipe over the shadow in the pan and one swipe on the arm. The eyeshadows can be built up more than this when used.)

2015-04-20 08.30.51

2015-04-20 08.34.31
The first four shades haven’t shown up very well, however, they do show up better on the eyelids and are buildable.

2015-04-20 08.33.45

Strange – in the pan, this is a cream off-white. I don’t really have a lot to say about this shade. It is definitely one of the few matte shades in the palette and it doesn’t show up very well on the skin, as you can see from the swatches. I have been using it all over my eyelid up to my eyebrow as a base to even out the colour before using other eyeshadows.

Dust – this is a pretty pale pink shade with a slight shimmer but nothing too much. I really like this shade all over the lid, with a slightly darker colour in the crease for a pretty – but not overpowering – day look. This could also be used on the inner corner with a more dramatic look. It hasn’t shown up well in the swatches, but it does look better on the eyelids.

Burnout – this shade is slightly darker and more peach toned than Dust and again with very little shimmer. I would use this very similarly to dust, but maybe not for the inner corner.

Limit – this is another matte shade, I think this looks almost like a matte version of Dust, but like Strange it doesn’t really have any wow factor. I would use this in the same way that I use Strange.

Buzz – this is definitely the standout shade of the palette for me, it is a gorgeous, glittery pink which I have been loving using all over my lid, especially on days when I am feeling down and need a bit of a pick-me-up!

Trick – this is the most golden colour in the palette. It is very shimmery, but not as shimmery as Buzz and I would use this all over the lid on its own or with a darker colour in the crease.

Nooner – this is the last matte shade in the palette it is a shade darker than Limit and I would use it all over the lid for a subtle eye day.

Liar – this is a light bronze shimmer shade which I really like.  I would use this all over the lid or as a transition shade.

Factory – this is very similar to Liar, but with a more brown tone. I would definitely use this as a transition shade.

Mugshot – this to me seems like an even more shimmery version of factory which I would use as a transition or crease shade. This is definitely a more standout shade in the palette.

Darkside – for me, this shade is a bit disappointing. It isn’t as pigmented when swatched as it is in the pan and it also looks more shimmery in the pan but more matte when swatched.

Blackheart – I haven’t tried this shade yet, but from how it looks in the pan and when swatched, I’m not sure about it. To me, this looks like a purple matte with some pink glitter. It wasn’t the smoothest and the pink glitter looked a bit sparse when swatched.

2015-04-20 08.32.11

2015-04-20 08.31.51

Finally, in the package with the Urban Decay naked 3 palette are 4 eyeshadow primer samples. I am still yet to try these – or any eyeshadow primers – as my eyeshadows stay on well anyway, so I am going to save these for a special occasion. The primers are for the Eye Primer Potion in Original (dries translucent), Eden (a nude matte), Sin (a champagne shimmer) and Anti-Aging (a nude which supposedly colour corrects and blurs flaws). I haven’t opened these so I can’t comment on how they look or preform compared to how it is claimed they preform, but I will do a post when I do try them.

So, that’s it for my first proper First impressions post! What do you think of it? Do you want me to do more of these for other products? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for Reading 🙂

~ The Mechanic  x

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