The Bucket List #31…

Hi Guys!

I have another Ickle Blog for you today with an item of my bucket list! This time it is Number 31: Motorbike Tour of European Festivals.

2015-04-06 11.56.02

First off… this just sounds AWESOME, I read about someone doing this in a magazine a few years ago now and loved the idea. I am desperate to go to a festival as I haven’t been able to yet, but being able to do this would be incredible, but I won’t be doing it for a long time yet. The main reason; I am still yet to attempt my CBT let alone get my full motorbike license. At the moment, I cannot afford to buy a motorbike, insure and tax it, let alone complete the full tests, before the CBT runs out (2 year). So I don’t see the point in completing the CBT, only to go and waste it and have to do it again because it has run out before I complete the full test. Either way, once I have a full time job after uni, I will definitely make this a priority and try to do the festival tour before I am 30 (giving me 10 year).

So, there you have it, another little snippet into my life and what I want to do!

Thanks for Reading 🙂

~ The Mechanic  x

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