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Hi Guys!

First off… Happy Easter! I hope you all are enjoying a relaxing day with the people that matter 🙂

I realised that I talk a lot about products that I love, but I haven’t spoken much about the products that I have either not liked, or brought out my eczema recently. So below are my Product Misses for the past few months…

2015-04-05 09.36.26
Not all Products are shown in this picture

I am going to start with products that brought out my eczema…

Do remember though, although the products may have brought out my eczema and not worked for me and my skin type, they may work well for others, just go by what you know about your skin and try samples if you think a product may work for you.

  1. Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum

2015-04-05 09.34.01

I love the smell and texture of this product, but when I tried it, after two uses it had caused a massive flare up in my eczema that took a good few weeks to get back to normal. I of course stopped using it immediately and I was very glad that I had only tried a sample so I hadn’t wasted my money on something that just didn’t work for me.

  1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

2015-02-16 10.15.25

I have spoken about this before in this post so I won’t go into too much detail about it. The texture is a gel and the smell is very chemically which did put me off, I also found it quite stripping on my skin and as a result of this of course, I had another eczema flare up. This was a product that I couldn’t get a sample of first because I had to order it online as I wasn’t anywhere to get it. I really regret spending money on this without getting a sample first as that is £15 wasted on a product that is no good for my skin.

  1. Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic

2015-04-05 09.34.43

I had heard so many amazing reviews of this and not a single bad word about it, so I ordered it. After all of the reviews, I really wanted to love it, my skin looked brighter and was definitely improved, my skin was smoothed, spots reduced and my face just looked better overall. However, after a week I had to stop using it as I had an eczema flare up. Eventually, once my skin was back to normal, I tried it again as an isolated spot treatment, but this caused a flare up too so I definitely won’t be finishing the bottle. Being in the North of the UK I was nowhere near the only store in the UK that sells Pixi… in the middle of London. Once again, this was £18 plus P+P that was wasted.

  1. The Body Shop Chamomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter

2015-04-05 09.35.55

I tried this balm a couple of years ago, before I first had eczema, I really liked it then and found it absolutely brilliant for removing my make-up, however, when I tried it again a couple of weeks ago, after a couple of days it did cause an eczema flare up, so once again I had to stop using it and that means a whole tin going to waste.

I also have two products that didn’t cause a flare up, but I really didn’t like.

  1. Aveeno Body Wash

2015-02-23 11.29.07

I did mention this in a previous post, however I wanted to mention it again. This is supposedly specially formulated for sensitive (eczema prone) skin, however, I really didn’t think this did anything for my skin. The main thing that put me off was definitely the smell, it was just such a strong chemical smell that I absolutely hated using it. Overall, I much prefer my Body Shop Shower Gels followed by Dermol 500 Lotion, as this just feels better on my skin and of course the Body Shop Shower Gels smell amazing.

  1. No7 Perfect Light Loose Powder

2015-04-05 09.35.14

This powder has been a complete pain in the bum. It is such a mess, when I first got this I really struggled to get any powder out of it. Finally, once I did – getting it everywhere in the process – I didn’t think it did any better for my skin than other cheaper, less messy products. Finally, after all of that hassle, I found that the lid was not secure (though fully tightened and on properly) and the powder was coming out and getting everywhere. Again.

So there we have it. All of my product regrets for the past few months, which I really would not recommend, of course the ones which caused my eczema do depend on the individual persons’ skin type.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Let me know in the comments, your opinion of these products if you have tried them!

Thanks for Reading and enjoy the rest of your Easter!

~ The Mechanic  x

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3 thoughts on “The Product Misses…

  1. What a shame about the pixi & body shop balm. I really enjoy the pixi toner, I have no eczema but quite sensitive reactive skin at times and this works well for me. It does really suck though when you pay a lot of money for something you cant use. I once spent an extortionate amount on a facial oil only to have it break me out every time I use it. It is now an extremely expensive body oil (no probs on arms etc)

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