I Went A Bit Crazy in TK Maxx…

Hi Guy!

I have a bit of an early birthday money haul/first impressions/review here for you, it is quite long, but I hope you enjoy reading it! This is a bit later than I had planned, but I wanted it to be perfect!

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Blog Swatches - 04.04.2015

I am an absolute sucker for a bargain, I will always search for the best deals on something that I want or need – in this case it is a lot more of a want. The past couple of days I found one of the best bargains that I think I have ever come across, and it is all thanks to the AMAZING TK Maxx.

I have be desperate to get my hands on some Bare Minerals products for a while now, even more so since I got hold of some foundation samples. Luckily, while scouring through the shelves, I was able to find some gift sets in TK Maxx at a much reduced price to that in other retailers.

I am going to talk through each set that I have, but I will first start with the foundation samples;

2015-04-04 13.27.28

So I went into the Manchester Debenhams about a month ago to look at the bare minerals products, unsure of the shades, how to apply and how it will react with my skin, the lovely sales assistant gave me two sample tubs of their Original Foundation in the shade “Fairly Light”. This is the perfect shade for me and I have found that it is best applied with my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Face Brush over a more silicon based primer, such as Benefit Porefessional, L’Oréal Infallible Mattifying Primer or The Body Shop Instablur. This foundation gives my skin a flawless finish, even with the creases under my eyes, and has such amazing buildable coverage that it covers my dark circles enough that I do not even feel the need to use a concealer! To make things even better, with the way I use it, one of the testers lasts me 2 weeks which was fabulous, I only today actually finished these testers and I was able to get another tester at a different store so I am definitely set!

I would really recommend going to you nearest bare minerals retailer and asking for a sample if it is something you want to try, don’t be shy about asking for samples either, the worst they can do is say no!

Ok, now on to the actual bargain purchases! I went into TK Maxx twice at the beginning of the week to pick up these Gift Sets and I am so glad I did! The products that I got were;

Bare Minerals In the Spotlight Gift Set…          (RRP £49.99)


This set was for sale at £15 in the store, however the box was open so I asked to see the contents and sadly the lipstick and mascara were missing. These products weren’t ones that I was buying the set for though so I still got it, and the Sales Assistant reduced the price even further to £10! Absolute bargain in my opinion! All of the products were sealed and as good as new.  I have had a chance to try most of these products so I can give a bit more of a review and a first impression, but my opinion may still not be fully decided or my change with more use.

The box contained;


Left – Peach Champagne; Right – Shimmering Gilded Pecan

Centre Stage Eyecolour – in Shimmering Gilded Pecan


This is a gorgeous deep chocolate brown colour with a slight hint of a bronze shimmer, though it looks mostly matte on the eye. I really like using this colour on the outer corner and through the crease, for which it looks lovely. It is very well pigmented, to be expected for a good quality loose powder such as this, and can be used lightly for a slight hint of colour during the day, or built up to a darker colour for a deeper night look. This is the best crease colour that I have in my collection (not that my collection is more than a couple of shades), however, it can be messy due to it being a loose powder and, as I am not used to loose powders, this can be excessive.

Overall though, I would give this an 8/10.

Flawless Diamond Eyecolour – in Peach Champagne

2015-04-04 13.28.56

This is probably my favourite item from this box. It is a really lovely pale nude shade with a lot of gold and silver shimmer through it, the shimmer being the most visible part of the eyecolour, on both my arm with the swatch and on my eyelids. When applying this, care must be taken to ensure there isn’t too much fall down, but once applied, it stays well throughout the day. This isn’t as pigmented as the other eyecolour, but this is due to it being a much more pale shade and more shimmery type of eyecolour, so it is to be expected. I personally love the look of this on my eyes, both on its own for a more subtle day look or as part of a more dressed up night look, focusing on the inner corner as a real highlighter.

In my opinion, this definitely deserves a 9/10.

Luminary Blush – in Sunwashed Berry

2015-04-04 13.26.15

This is another lovely colour, however I would definitely associate it more with autumn-winter. The colour is a well pigmented, deep pink-toned berry. I really like this, but I am definitely not used to such a pigmented blush as it can be a bit too much if applied with too much of a heavy hand, though it can easily be made more subtle with buffing. Overall, I love the shade and feel and would like to try other shades (particularly now as I would like to try a fresh spring shade), but I would like to get the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Set so that I can use the blush brush with this product, in the hope it won’t appear as heavy.

I would give this product a 7/10.

Shimmer Glaze Lip Topcoat – in Diamond Glaze


For me, this is an odd product, and not something I would normally choose. In terms of colour, it is very similar to the Peach Champagne Flawless Diamond Eyecolour but a little bit darker. This can be used just on the lips as is (though I personally don’t like this on me) or on top of a lipstick. I have been trying this, but I am not too keen on it. I think it is a bit too sticky, like a lipgloss, and my hair sticks to it – not a good look – so I don’t think I will use it a great deal.

On the positive though, it does look good and stays in place really well, I’m just not a fan of the texture. I have found though, that if you blot, the stickiness goes, but the sparkle stays.

For me, this is only worth 5/10.

Tapered Shadow and Crease Brush


I have given both sides of this a try and I think only one side will actually get use. I love the side with the crease brush, it fits my eyes wonderfully, is incredibly soft and applies the eyeshadow beautifully without any fall down. The tapered shadow, however, was the complete opposite. It was hard, caused a LOT of fall down and just didn’t apply the shadow well, I definitely wouldn’t reach for this side over my Real Techniques brushes.

Overall, I would give this a 7/10.

Cosmetic Bag


I LOVE this bag. The outside is a gorgeous black glitter finish with a gold bare minerals design. The inside is satin-feel black and white striped material and the sides are slightly padded. I love the inside, it matches my Revlon and Debenhams Cosmetics bags perfectly, and I was also in desperate need of this too after all of the products that I have purchased recently! It is great quality, especially for something that comes with a set like this (a lot of companies would cut corners and produce a cheap product) so I would give it an 8/10. This would be higher if it was a bit bigger!

Ok so that was the first set, the second purchase has had less use so the reviews may not be as extensive and more of a first impression.

Bare Minerals Get Started Kit…  (RRP £49.99)

2015-04-04 12.55.59

This time all of the products were in the box and it was fully sealed. I wasn’t sure about this gift set at first and I have been looking at it for a while. I think it is discontinued elsewhere as I have only seen it in TK Maxx and there are a lot of them in all stores that I have been in. I was unsure of this because the box says shade “Light” and I need the Original Foundation in “Fairly Light”. However, once I had read the back of the box it seemed to include the foundation in both “Light” and “Fairly Light”. I took it to the till and asked if they could double check, and it did contain both! I was so happy with this, especially as the products seem a decent size (2g each) and I only spent £29 on the whole set, for one full size (8g) you pay £26, and this kit came with many more products too!

Prime Time Original Foundation Primer

2015-04-04 12.54.05

My first impression of this is that the texture felt odd. I am used to products more like Benefit Porefessional but this felt quite different. This may just have been because it was the start of the tube though, because when I tried it out properly I really liked it, it was very similar to my usual primers and I would say the L’Oréal Infallible Mattifying Primer is a perfect dupe of this!

Original SPF 15 Foundation – in Light and Fairly Light


I have already declared my love of this above when talking about the samples, so I won’t bore you with it again. I will say though, the “Fairly Light” shade is perfect for me now and the Light shade is a bit too dark. I am hoping though that the Light shade will be better for me in the summer so that I will get use out of it.

Warmth All-Over Face Colour


This is pigmented, warm brown bronzer with a slight gold shimmer. I will admit, I have never used a bronzer *shock-horror* but I do want to, so for me this product is a real bonus because it gives me an opportunity to try it out, especially as it came with a brush that looks good for it. I can already tell though that I will need to be careful not to be too heavy with it as it is so pigmented.

I am thinking that I will try out a lighter bronzer first and build up to this as I have not tried a bronzer before. Stay tuned for my Birthday Haul to see what I chose!

Original Mineral Veil Finishing Powder

2015-04-04 13.25.16

The texture of this seems odd to me, it isn’t as smooth as the foundations, but I really love it as a finishing powder, it does not seem to help my foundation say any longer than when I have used it before. This has a very light colour that will be invisible over the Original Foundation.

Brushes Included… Full Flawless Face Brush, Flawless Application Face Brush, Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush

2015-04-04 12.55.43

All of these brushes feel very soft (although the concealer brush is less so and has different bristles) and so far they seem as though they will be good for applying the make-up, but time will tell with this really. There was some minor shedding from the Face Brushes and I am hoping this is just loose bristles stuck among the others and not actual shedding from the barrel.

I posted the picture below on Instagram recently, when I was using most of the above products, I just love the pretty natural finish!


So there we have it! These are all of the Bare Minerals products that I have purchased this week, all from TK Maxx (except the free samples) and cost me a total of £39 instead of £100 which it would have been elsewhere!

It is also my birthday today! I have made it through my teen year and I am now 20. I was able to buy the above items with early birthday money, I have made some other purchases too and have been thoroughly spoilt with what I have received, let me know below if you would like a haul post relating to all of these!

Thanks for reading my post everyone! I am sorry it is so long, I just love to ramble and can’t cut it down, but I do appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my blog.

~ The Mechanic  x

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13 thoughts on “I Went A Bit Crazy in TK Maxx…

  1. My shade is Fairly Light too! I wore this for years. I loved it but found it didn’t last all day so switched to something else. Can’t believe you found this in TK Maxx! I might have to go and have a look in my own! Have you tried the Laura Mercier mineral powder?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really like it. I find it very similar to the BM but less drying and less itchy! The shade selection isn’t as good though.
        Most things last well on you? Please share your secret with me. Skin products just disappear on me!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Haha 😛 I think I am just lucky with my skin! BM doesn’t seem to irritate me at all despite my eczema so I really like to, I will have a look at the Laura Mercier one though! 🙂
        ~ The Mechanic x


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