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Hi Guys!

See, I said another post tonight, bet you didn’t believe me! Anyway, this is just an Ickle Post as I was tagged to do this over a week ago now by the Lovely Miss White’s Makeup Desk seriously guys, click that link and go check out her blog if you haven’t already because it is so fantastic!

I want to tag Beauty, Books, Bubs and MeWildflower Makeup and Eleanor May’s Thoughts (yet more wonderful Blogs to go read) to do this too, I can’t wait to see your posts! If anyone else wants to do this tag too, please do, I would love to see my Reader filled up with what makes all of you happy as this makes me happy too!

The point of this is to post and explain 5 photos that make you happy, so it is time to scour those photo files to find ones that you can’t not smile at!

2013-05-25 22.53.51-3

Meet Wormwood. He was sadly, only my cat for just over a year. We took him in as a stray after hearing him meowing all night for a few weeks, then finally seeing him all skin and bones. This photo was taken not long before he died – damn cars – it makes me smile so much because, when you consider what he had been through – having to find his own food and survive so many fights with other cats, he just looked so relaxed and happy. After a year, his fur was in a much better condition and he was able sleep so deeply and not stay alert in anticipation of a possible threat. He just looks so happy, as though he would be smiling himself, and this makes me happy.

2015-02-07 13.54.05

The next Photo is the first decent photo of Ben and I together… taken on our one year Anniversary… This makes me happy for several reasons besides the obvious. Th obvious of course being Ben, my wonderful, amazing boyfriend who has been there for me through thick and thin and I am so thankful for this. The photo is also monumental for me because it is the first proper photo I have taken of myself since my eczema on my face became fully noticeable. What makes me smile about this is that by this point I had learn’t how to deal with my eczema, even get rid of it altogether, and I was gaining my confidence back and finally feeling happy with myself again, which I hadn’t done in over a year.


This photo is from my first big trip away without my family. I went to Iceland 3 years ago now, in fact I would have been in the middle of the holiday, possibly even at this location, 3 years ago today. I could have chosen so many photos from this holiday, I saw the Northern Lights, Walked on a Glacier, saw a Geyser, all sorts. However, I chose this because seeing the heart shaped traffic light at the time was such a surprise, you could not help but smile. I cannot remember the name of the town (nor would I be able to spell or pronounce it) but it is in the North of Iceland and all of the traffic lights are shaped like this. I love it, if I lived there, driving past this would make me smile every time.


Ah the drop rides… I hate these, this was my first time on the one in the London Dungeons and I was not expecting it to go when it did, you can see the shock on my face. I always smile when I see this, I have it along with other photos like this on my wall at Uni. They remind me that, although something may scare me, I can push through it, the outcome may be unexpected but it is never as bad as you expect it to be. I can and will always face and beat my fears, photos like this make me smile because they are proof of this, that I have done it and will do again.


Ok, ok, I couldn’t resist another cat picture! Meet Sebastian. This is my family’s new cat, we took him in as a kitten Christmas 2013 after his owner, who had planned to keep him, was told that he couldn’t due to medical reasons. Mum and I wanted another cat, the house wasn’t the same after we lost Wormwood so we couldn’t not give the little (not so anymore!) guy a home. I was home from Uni at the time and after the initial few scared days, he was so happy to cuddle up with me on the sofa and he would completely zonk out. You could pick him up and he just did not move, he was completely floppy. You can’t not smile at that face. At the time I worried a lot that he had died from curling up under duvets because of how much he zoned out but now it is something I think back to and laugh about.


Bonus Picture! I saw this as I was scrolling and couldn’t not add it. My friend took this on our trip to Arizona in 2013, we were at a Meteor Crater and this little guy was just sat on one of the rocks. The smile is so contagious!

So there you have it 5 (plus a bonus) pictures that make me smile, a surprisingly difficult task as I could have added so many more, maybe I could make this a regular post, once a month? I don’t know… something to think about once my exams are over and I can relax.

Please comment below tags to your post like this if you choose to do it as I would love to see them!

Thanks for Reading 🙂

~ The Mechanic  x

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