A Life Update!…

Hi Guys!

I really want to apologise for being so quite the past week, but I have been super busy! I have decided to write this Ickle Blog to fill you all in on the goings on and what I have planned so please keep on reading…



So, as you may or may not know, Friday marked the start of the Easter Break for the majority of us here in the UK. This is something I am incredibly glad about as I am really in need of a rest and time to work on assignments and this blog, I currently have 5 assignments due at various times before the beginning of May and also 2 exams to revise for so I do need to crack down and get stuff done, whilst also relaxing after such a taxing term at Uni.

I won’t lie, I have really been struggling since Christmas, but especially more recently. Last year I rushed in when choosing my house mates (luckily this did include Ben so there is one good thing) and where to live for my second year of university, and things have definitely gone sour so I do regret some of my choices and wish I hadn’t rushed in so quickly, but never mind, we always know more in hindsight.

Anyway… Enough of that, I just needed to tell you how I have been feeling, I may go into more detail in a hindsight post later on once I am in a better place, but I don’t want to say any more now.


This is what happens when Student’s travel, 5 of us and this wasn’t everything! Life in a suitcase…

As I was saying, it is finally the Easter holidays! Marking not just Easter, not just my 20th birthday next week, but also one of my closest friend’s 21st! To celebrate this special birthday, myself and other friends (all of us are pictured below) travelled from all over the country to visit him at University Friday before all heading back to our home town Sunday.

11079672_10205911304480251_4697657027564943115_n 10922772_830768070345148_35365150293523277_n


We had a great time, Friday I went to my first club in over a year which I really enjoyed (despite the random guy grabbing my back and stomach on the way to the club – that upset me. Though in the club I had no problems). We had a bit of a dance, and finished the night in McDonald’s of course!

Then Saturday we went for a wander through the lovely Cambridge, doing a bit of window shopping and I got my Cambridge Satchel – which I have had for years now – engraved/stamped with my initials. I am so, so happy with this as I couldn’t afford the extra when I got the bag but I could do it now. We finished the day off with a pyjama evening, watching Mama and Friday Night Dinner as we were so exhausted from travelling and going out the night before, that we couldn’t do anything else.


Finally, Sunday I headed home to see my parents and Gran after 3 months at University 200 miles away and enjoyed a wonderful Schnitzel dinner before talking way too much for the rest of the evening.

Today, my lovely cousin and Auntie are visiting (until tomorrow late evening) and I had a great afternoon, having lunch and doing yet more shopping in the local town centre – Bare Minerals Bargain First Impressions Post Coming soon so keep an eye out – then headed back for yet another incredible dinner where I ate a LOT of food, I really had missed my Family’s meals!

Tomorrow I am finally getting my hair cut since the summer (I know, it is bad) as well as having a full proper Gel manicure and my eyebrows done for the very first time – I Can’t Wait! I am also really looking forward to seeing my brother tomorrow, after again 3 months since last seeing him! It should be another fantastic family meal at my Gran’s.

The rest of my 2 week break is going to be jam packed, what with my birthday Saturday and then loads of plans with my friends, family and Ben! Sadly I do need to fit in some work, but at least it is just under 6 weeks until I finish my last exam and my second year at University will be over!

Despite this, I am hoping to get a couple of posts out over the next couple of days, maybe even another tonight if I can, and I should have time to catch up and enjoy all of your blogs that I missed over my weekend away.

Again, I am sorry for being so quiet recently, this may continue until my exams are over in 6 weeks as I need to knuckle down and make the final push to keep or improve my 2:1 average, but thank you so much for taking the time to read and enjoy my blog!

If you do want to hear more from me, I post regularly on my Instagram so do check that out!

~ The Mechanic  x

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