The Disaster…

Morning Guys!
So recently, a complete disaster struck and my laptop hard drive decided to die.
I am so sad about this right now, and I am having to type this on my phone which I absolutely hate doing.
So I am really sorry, but there wont be any posts for a couple of days until I can find a replacement while mine gets fixed.
This really sucks and I am so sorry about this but it can’t be helped (I was only on youtube when it crashed!) So please just bare with me – and my spelling mistakes – while I get things sorted so that I can bring you my spring wishlist and the other posts that I had planned!

Thanks for understanding!

~ The Mechanic  x

6 thoughts on “The Disaster…

    1. So do I! We are going to have a look at it today. Luckily my boyfriend still has his old laptop so i can use that, but it is going to take a while to update and reinstall various things but hopefully I will be able to blog properly and get on with my uni work from wednesday!
      ~ The Mechanic x


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