The Liebster Award: Round 2…

Hi Guys!

So I have been nominated for the Liebster award again! This time it was by the wonderful Farah-Nargis, Thank you so much for the nomination. As I only did Round 1 on Tuesday, I am going to cheat a teensy bit and link that here, as I am not going to do more nominations with it being so close, but I do really want to answer the questions!


So here they are, as asked by Farah-Nargis;

  1. What do you want to be “when you grow up”?

This is a question my dad still says that he asks himself! For me though, at the moment, I am studying Motor Sports engineering with a view to working on the bodywork of commercial vehicles, particularly motorbikes. I am especially interested in the use composites and how they work; I spend a lot of time in the composite lab here at university, 4 hours this morning even.

  1. What would be your ideal wedding?

Something very small, nowhere near a church, with lots of not-so-well hidden Disney references… “be our guest?”… yeah that sounds about right.

  1. What would you change about yourself?

I am actually really comfortable with myself as I am. If I had to choose though, I would definitely get rid of the eczema and dry skin, which would make things easier… and cheaper too actually.

  1. Text or Call?

This depends, how much do I feel like talking to anyone? How lazy am I feeling? What else am I doing? How much do I have to say? In general though, this does mean that I text more than I call.

  1. Where were you born?

In Colchester, Essex, the oldest recorded town in Great Britain. No, I am not orange and no, I don’t know anyone from The Only Way Is Essex.

  1. What’s the number 1 on your Bucket List?

well it was pass my driving test but I achieved this in September so now it is to go to the Glass Igloos in Finland in winter and spend the night watching the Northern Lights. This is definitely something I will do one day!

  1. Which Country do you want to visit really bad?

I am desperate to go to Canada, New Zealand and Australia as well as go back to America! Basically all places I really can’t afford to go to yet, but I will do one day, hopefully soon.

  1. Lipstick or Lipgloss?

It has to be Lipstick, I really can’t stand my hair getting stuck to the lipgloss.

  1. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

I have one brother who is almost 5 years older than me and has always spoilt me way too much. I’m really missing him and all of my family now that I am 260 miles away at University

  1. What are you favourite pair of shoes?

For everyday wear I am always in a pair of Dr Martens, but my absolute favourite pair of shoes would be my Iron Fist Ruff Rider Platforms in Red, they are just so beautiful!

  1. What’s your favourite flower?

My favourite flower… this is difficult. It would probably be the Forget-me-not. When I was little I had a flower fairies book which had gorgeous pictures of fairies with the flowers, and the faries wore dresses that matched them and there were poems about them on the other page, the forget-me-not was my favourite of these.

So there we have it, my questions from Farah-Nargis answered!

I hope you enjoyed the post; I have a special series of weekly posts that I will be starting tomorrow so stay tuned and follow me so you don’t miss it!

Thanks so much for reading

~ The Mechanic  x

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