The Winter Favourites…

Hi Guys!

Look at this my first favourites post! I have decided to do seasonal favourites instead of monthly as I don’t think I try out enough new things each month to really do a proper blog, if I do start to try more products I might start doing monthly favourites but we will see how it goes. Anyway to the favourites…

2015-03-02 15.36.00

I have some skincare and make-up then some random bits and bobs!

  1. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado… £20 (from Selfridges)

2015-03-02 16.12.52

Some of you will have probably guessed that this would make an appearance after my first blog calling it the miracle eye cream. I just couldn’t help putting it here too, I love it so much! You can read everything I had to say about it in my previous post here.

  1. Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Cleanser… £27.50 (from Boots)

2015-03-02 16.13.21

I know, I know, another one that I have already posted about but it is just so moisturising, but still a cleanser! Madness! It’s not irritated my skin, and it feels soothing and has a lovely smell. You can read my full post about it here.

  1. Burt’s Bees Lip Balms… £3.49 (from Debenhams)

2015-03-02 16.14.20

I am a bit late to the party with this one, but I first tried one of these back at the end of November and I am hooked. The first one I tried was the mango. This tastes delicious and smells lovely too, plus they do their job! When I repurchased I decided to try the Pomegranate. This one has taken some getting used to, I do find this even more hydrating than the mango, but the scent and taste are both incredibly strong and almost floral which I really wasn’t expecting. I have now got used to it and quite enjoy it but I think I will go back to the mango next time… or the coconut for summer… or pink grapefruit… or honey… gah too many choices!!
Anyway, winter is the worst time for dry lips for everyone but it is especially bad for those of us who get dry lips all the time anyway and I have found that this has done absolute wonders for my lips this year!

  1. Revlon Photoready 3D Volume Mascara in Blackest Black… £10.99 (from Boots)

2015-03-02 16.15.47

I am in love with this mascara. I have been trying out the Benefit Rollerlash recently and personally I much prefer this (let me know in the comments if you want a full review/comparison). I don’t think this would be a product that would appeal to everyone as it has a large plastic wand which can be seen in the photo and the formula is quite wet, especially when you first purchase it. I have read that this is a dupe for the Benefit They’re Real Mascara but I haven’t tried it to say if it is or not, and having been using this I don’t think I will be!

  1. MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter… £3 each (from Superdrug)

2015-03-02 16.19.42

I have this in shades, Iridescent Gold and the Pink one (I couldn’t find the name of it), and I love them both but not always as a highlighter. The gold one is the wrong shade as a highlighter for me but I love using it as an inner corner eye shadow. I do also use the pink one for the same purpose; however it is also a good highlighter for my skin tone too.

This is a lovely versatile product with a really nice shimmer that isn’t glittery. I have really loved using it, obviously or it wouldn’t be on the favourites, and for the price you really can’t go wrong.

  1. Real Techniques Brushes…various prices (depending on product or collection from Boots)

2015-03-02 16.26.09

I was given the core collection set for Christmas and loved them straight away. These are the first brushes I have really used that I didn’t get with the make-up and I have brought Nic’s Picks collection and the Eye Starter Set since. I use these every time I wear make-up (so most days) and my make-up both applies and looks better, they have definitely helped me enjoy using my make-up more!

  1. Revlon Colourburst Lip Butters… £7.99 each (from Boots)

2015-03-02 16.21.32

I have this in both Berry Smoothie and Macaroon. These are very similar shades and I definitely want to get more, possibly in shades better suited to spring. I really love the feel of these on my lips, they aren’t overly long lasting but the colours are lovely and they are nicely moisturising so I really do enjoy wearing them, definitely desperate for some more shades though!

  1. L’Oreal Paris La Palette Nude… £14.99 (from Boots)

2015-03-02 16.55.28

I have this in 01 Rose. I should probably invest in some more eye shadows, but to be honest, with this palette, I don’t feel like I need to! It’s has lovely, mostly well pigmented eye shadows which can be used for a range of versatile neutrals. There are 4 matte shades and 6 shimmer shades which are all gorgeous, with rose undertones.

The only downside of this palette would be a lack of darker shades as the shades that seem darker in the palette do not look as dark on the skin as they seem.

Now for the randoms!

  1. Twinings Fruit Teas… £1.50 for 20 tea bags (from Morrisons)

2015-03-02 16.28.05

I started drinking these at the end of November and I am addicted! My absolute favourite flavour is the Cranberry and Blood Orange but I also love the Strawberry and Raspberry or Raspberry and pomegranate.

I also really like the Lemon and Ginger if I am ill as it just tastes great and I feel better after drinking it.

  1. Short Hunter Wellies in Patent Military Red… £80 (from Office)

2015-03-02 17.01.55

I brought these in the Office after Christmas sales (if you can call it after Christmas, I ordered them on Christmas day!) and since they arrived, I have worn them pretty much constantly. Here in the North West of England we have had a ridiculous amount of hail stones and at one point it was so cold that it almost settled so I was very grateful for my wellies on those days! I will probably continue to wear these all through the April showers.

The wellies are really comfy especially with thick fluffy socks or the hunter welly socks. I chose the short wellies because I am a small person, I have always been very slight so I personally think the short wellies were better for me, especially as I am in a city so I’m not traipsing through too much mud (the photo below was taken in the Chester Zoo car park on a very wet day).

2015-03-02 17.11.36
Wellies… meet mud!
  1. Dremel Hobby Engraver… £19.99 (from

I actually brought this at the end of September but used it a lot before Christmas on Christmas presents (cheap student – didn’t want to spend too much).

I love art and craft and generally making things (I am an engineer in training after all) and I have really been struggling to be creative in my tiny bedroom of the shared student house I am living in. Cue the Dremel. I have been using this to engrave metal (mostly aluminium as it is a bit more malleable) and glass. I find it a lot of fun to use. On glass I tape the picture on the other side and trace it while on the metal I generally do the pictures free-hand. It takes some getting used to as the principles are similar to a tattoo pen in that the engraver nib moves in and out very quickly (there are varying speeds) which can feel odd as you try to use it, so I would definitely recommend practicing before doing anything too much. It does also sound like a tattoo pen which isn’t actually a good thing for me but my tattoo dilemma is a story for another time… (comment if you would like me to do an ickle blog post explaining).

Anyway, below are some pictures of engravings that I have done!

This is a Gecko I engraved on a Latte glass for my mum, I’m sorry the picture is a bit blurred!
This is an aluminium bookmark I engraved for my Gran.
This was the first glass engraving I actually did, really proud of this!

So those are my winter favourites, there are probably a tonne more but I am sure we will get to those eventually.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, I am thinking about doing a spring wishlist next week so keep an eye out for that and follow me so you don’t miss it!

I would love to hear your opinions of everything I have mentioned so please comment down below and give this a like!

Thanks for reading!

~ The Mechanic

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14 thoughts on “The Winter Favourites…

  1. Amazing favourites! ❤ I love the RT brushes and Revlon lip butters myself but I haven't tried the other products you've mentioned! I so want to now! And also your engraving is incredible!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Its definitely worth doing 😀
        Thank you! Things that don’t look anywhere near realistic are my strongest, I cannot do faces! I won’t even try with the engraver. I really want to test out etching paste over the summer too.
        ~ The Mechanic x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You’re welcome! 😀 Ah I’m absolutely horrible with realistic art too! I’m 100% sure you do a better job than me though LOL. Ohhh I would love to see how that turns out when you test it out! 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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