A Lovely Good Morning!…

Hi guy! Just a quick post to thank you to all of you this morning, as I woke up to a WordPress Notification that I had 50 followers!

50 followers - 01.03.2015

I really want to thank you all for thinking that my blog was not only worth reading in the first place, but also worth following! I have been enjoying writing my blog over the past 3 weeks so much. It has provided me with a creative outlet, something I have struggled to find since September, and I cannot wait to write my next post.

So thank you so much everyone for reading my blog!

Now, when I showed this to my boyfriend, he agreed to do a pamper evening with me (face mask, painted nails and, though he doesn’t actually know this yet, the works!) which will be a post if I get to 100 followers. Then if I get to 500 I am going to let him attempt to do my make-up (hopefully by this point I will have a camera to film it). This will be a particularly interesting scenario as Ben hasn’t attempted to use any make-up before so we will have to see how that goes!

I am also considering vlogging my trip to Rotterdam for the European Shell Eco-Marathon in May. It is a huge event with over 200 teams from all over Europe with such a great atmosphere. Please let me know in the comments if you would be interested in watching this!

Thank you again for thinking my blog is worth a read, I have definitely been introduced to a hell of a lot that I think are too!

~ The Mechanic  x

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