The “Minor” Obsessions… Part 1…

Hi Guys! I thought I would do a post about my obsessions today. There are two things that I am completely obsessed with but I have split this into two blogs though because it turned out a lot longer than I expected! So here is part 1, part 2 will be uploaded over the next couple of days!

I would just like to say that this is in no way a sponsored post I just am genuinely obsessed with these.

My first obsession is Dr Martens. I am in love with Dr Martens Boots, I have been collecting them for a few years now, starting with the Classic Cherry Red 1460 Boot, and it all went downhill (for my bank account) from there!

2015-02-26 22.22.25

Covered in scuffs and resin but I love them!

I live in one pair or another of my Dr Martens at all times, they are so incredibly comfy, warm and look great (in my opinion) too. Dr Martens

My second pair was the Patent Black Grace Boot. The shape of this is the classic Dr Martens style but the eyelets are bigger and designed for ribbon laces, I love putting a really bright pair of ribbons on them to match my outfit, it makes them colourful but also very versatile. I found these more difficult to break in than the first pair as the patent finish makes the boot a bit stiffer so blister plasters were needed for the first week, then they were so comfortable and I didn’t want to take them off.

2015-02-26 22.27.52

The colourful possibilities!

I then decided to be brave and splash out on the bright Patent Red 1460 Boot (seeing a theme here?) these are brilliant. I wore them to a concert for Blitz Kids and Heavens Basement in September and got them signed by Blitz Kids which just looks amazing! Of course Blitz Kids are incredible too and I highly recommend giving them a listen here.

2015-02-26 22.28.25

Thank You Blitz Kids for signing my boots!

The fourth pair I got because I wanted them for in the University workshop, these are my Industrial Steel Toe Boots. I’m not entirely sure which ones I have but they are the classic Dr Martens shape but with 6 eyelets. These boots have extra padding on the inside and are very comfy. However, the leather is very, very stiff and despite having them almost a year, I am still breaking them in (although I didn’t wear them at all over the summer and I mostly use them on workshop days, so that doesn’t make it so bad). Some of you may have seen a picture of these on my Instagram this morning as I was wearing them while playing with carbon fibre and Kevlar.

2015-02-26 22.31.57

My most recent pair, I got at the end of last summer ready for the cold winter (and I am so glad I did!) I got the Dr Martens Triumph 1914 Shearling boots which are ridiculously warm; I have pretty much lived in these since October. I have once again got ribbon laces on these (supplied with the boots) which I think just makes the boot even better in my opinion.20140909_150812-1

Soooo cosy!

Thanks for reading part 1 of my obsessions, I really hope you enjoyed it, give it a like if you did. I would love to know your opinions of Dr Martens and these boots! If you don’t want to miss part two, give my blog a follow to find out what obsession 2 is!

~ The Mechanic  x

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2 thoughts on “The “Minor” Obsessions… Part 1…

  1. I used to work in a shoe shop. Vaseline is magic for softening shoes (rub it on the inside not on the leather) and preventing it from rubbing. You can also ‘break’ the leather by bending and stretching it with your hands to make it more pliable.
    That was probably one of the two most useful things I learnt in that job, the other being how to check the fit is right on a pair of shoes using your fingers.

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