The Aveeno Love/Hate…

Hi Guys! First off I have an apology for you, I had planned to post more Ickle Blogs this week but the CAD model part of my assignment that I had due 9am this morning wasn’t cooperating and I spent most of the week working on that so I am really sorry for not posting!

Luckily I don’t have any deadlines for a while now so I can spend a bit more time working on my blog!

**cheers and clapping**

So I feel like posting about my love/hate for Aveeno today while I enjoy my delicious homemade fruit smoothie to celebrate handing in my assignment. I have only tried 2 product from Aveeno but for me they are complete polar opposites, one is an absolute god send and the other I am tempted to just bin.

2015-02-23 11.29.54

First off – The Aveeno Cream… This is absolutely amazing; I love this stuff so so much. I started using it at the beginning of December to try and help the bits of eczema that I was getting on my arms and legs and I have been using it all over – face included – after my showers every day since. I find this very moisturising and on my body it sinks in beautifully leaving my skin soft and lovely. I don’t find it as good for my face, it does feel as though it sits on my skin a little bit and it isn’t always great under make-up. This might be due to some oily patches that I get (damn you combination skin), so I do prefer Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream but for now that is out of my price range and the Aveeno Cream is still very good and a much better price, £13.39 for 300ml (especially when it is 1/3rd off in Boots or Superdrug!).

The texture of this cream is very soft and there isn’t an overpowering smell to put you off so in all I would definitely give this 4/5 stars!

2015-02-23 11.29.07

Secondly – The Aveeno Body Wash… as you would have guessed, I could not stand this product. I purchased it at the beginning of January on the recommendation of family members and have tried it on and off ever since, but I just don’t like it.

The first thing that I really did not like was the smell. To me it is very chemically and I find it really off putting. Secondly, I really don’t think it made any difference to my skin compared to cheaper (and better smelling) shower gels that I have used, so I really don’t think that it is worth the price at all (£8.99). If I were to blind test this, I would assume this was a £2 supermarket/drugstore own product.

The Aveeno Body Wash has a gel texture which didn’t bother me as I do like shower gels but the rest of it I just did not like, I will be giving it to my brother (who does like it and feels it is good for his skin) next time I see him. For me personally this product would get 1/5 stars.

So having had such mixed opinions about the Aveeno product that I have tried, I’m not sure whether to try any others, I definitely don’t want to jump straight in just in case it is hit and miss. However, I am considering trying the bath and shower oil, so I would love to hear your opinions of this and all other products from Aveeno – do remember though that you lucky ducky’s in America have a much bigger range of Aveeno products than we get in the UK!

I really hope you are enjoying my blog and if you have, please give it a like and share so more people get to enjoy it too!

I would also be very grateful if you could link me to some YouTube channels which go through Yoga routines as I really want to try it but all classes at the Uni Gym are while I am in lectures 😦 Thanks Guys!

~ The Mechanic  x

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