Cleaning the Brushes…

Today, I have decided to give you an Ickle Blog. I might be posting a lot of these over the next few weeks as I have had so many ideas (this is as well as my Monday Main Blogs).

So I finally decided that it was about time I cleaned my make-up brushes, something that I have always been awful at doing. My new year’s resolution should really have been to clean my brushes more often but there we go, I do intend to do so more from now on… honest!

2015-02-15 12.50.22

As you can see, I love the real technique brushes!

2015-02-15 13.45.46

(If you want to know how I made the pink Bonbon Make Up jar, the instructions are on the Mason Jar Love Blog you can also buy similar jars on Etsy)

So to clean my brushes, I used a little bit of my Aussie Mega Shampoo on my hand for each brush, and swirled the brushes in this with a little bit of lukewarm water, trying not to get this in the barrel of the brush, or the bristles will loosen. Having done this, I ran them under warm water, tilting them down to once again prevent water from going up the barrel. After this I place them flat on a towel as shown in the picture. These need to be left to dry for – in my experience – at least 12 hours, so I chose to clean them today as I won’t need to use them until Tuesday.

In an effort to clean my brushes more often, I want to get a spot cleaner to use regularly which takes less time to use and dries a lot quicker (i will still use the above method for a deep clean at least once a month). I just don’t know what to choose as there are so many on the market from drugstore to high-end.

Please share with me in the comment your preferred brush spot cleaners and general brush cleaning methods!

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~ The Mechanic x

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