The Miracle Eye Cream – Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado…

I will admit, this is the only eye cream that I have really tried, but it worked so well that I’m reluctant to try anything else (and it lasts so well that I am still yet to make a dent in the tub).

After finally getting rid of my eczema, I was left with a lot of puffiness around my eyes that left me looking as though I had deep wrinkles and bags – not something you want when you are 19!

It probably wasn’t as bad as I’m making out but we all notice these things more than anyone else will and it always seems a lot worse when you scrutinize yourself. Either way, I had expected that once my eczema disappeared, my face would go back to how it was before and I would regain my confidence which was really knocked by the eczema… obviously this wasn’t the case because of the puffiness.

Having become a fan of some YouTube bloggers when I was searching the web for anything that might not irritate my face, I came across a video of Zoella talking about using the Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, after having an allergic reaction. So if it was good for allergic reactions it might be good for my puffy eczema prone skin too right?

Right. I was able to get some samples first (always sample before you buy!) and I was hooked, the puffiness went down and my eyes felt so well hydrated. I use this both in the morning before make up and in the evening before bed and despite the creaminess, if applied properly (Kiehl’s have a video showing you how to do this) it sinks in well and feels incredibly luxurious.

Since using this, I have had eczema flare ups and I don’t think this has particularly helped with the eczema but it has really helped with the damaged skin left after it has healed! I fully recommend it for those of you who may have had eczema or an allergic reaction around the eyes and have been left with sensitive puffy skin after it has cleared up.

I would love to hear suggestions in the comments for other eye creams that you have found are good for allergy/eczema prone, puffy skin – especially those in a lower price bracket as this Kiehl’s eye treatment is not cheap and not everyone can afford it.

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6 thoughts on “The Miracle Eye Cream – Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado…

  1. I use and love this stuff as well but i modify it a bit to treat my whole face. Have you heard of sea buckthorn seed oil? Its not expensive up front @ $13 but you only get 10 mls. I find that two drops on its own is enough to conditon my skin back to suppleness after my cleanser (a rather stripping one). However, sometimes i add 1 drop of the oil + 1 drop distilled water to a pinch of the avocado treatment in my palm then mix to make it less thick and apply to my face. I do this when recovering from a bad acne (grade 3 :P) breakout and i want to heal the dry and flaking scabs. The oil alone isnt enough to moisturize the dry patches over long periods of time while the avocado is too rich/creamy and takes forever to sink in to dry skin. I have to mix the two + water as a carrier to get them to sink in within a reasonble amount of time.

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