The Beginning…

I have put up with bad eczema on my face, particularly around my eyes, and on my hands, one finger on my right hand especially, for too long. I didn’t particularly get eczema, or even dry skin, until I started university 1 ½ years ago and since then I haven’t been able to fully get rid of it. I do partially blame my university course for this, engineering isn’t great on the skin, especially with a very practical course but, if you love it, why should you be forced to stop because of a slight irritation?

Only recently have I been prescribed creams strong enough to clear it (although, it’s my own fault as I refused to go to the doctors until about 4 months ago). Since the prescription creams have cleared up the eczema, I have been struggling to find products that don’t cause flare-ups again which is really infuriating. I scoured the web for hours searching for product suggestions from actual people (not companies just wanting a sale) and came up short every time. So, having tested far too many products – both skincare and make up – I decided it was time for me to make sure no one else wasted money on products that might just irritate further!

Keep in mind though, that eczema is different for everyone and can be caused by different things for different people, so what works for me might not necessarily work for you. Just remember: Always get a tester first!

~ The Mechanic  x

In no way am I an expert or professional in skincare… I’m a complete novice; I just want to share my experiences for sensitive, eczema prone skin.

5 thoughts on “The Beginning…

  1. You have most probably tried it already, but mineral make up? I used to be on medication that made my skin SO sensitive. The only foundation that didn’t irritate it/make it look decent was BareMinerals foundation powder.
    Ps, love your blog xx

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    1. I really want to try bare minerals but right now I can’t afford it 😦 I don’t use foundation a lot and I have found No7 superlight doesn’t affect my skin though which is good. I’m hoping to try some bare minerals after my birthay in April which I can’t wait to do!
      I have been looking at your blog too and really loving it too!
      ~ The Mechanic x


      1. Yeah I’ve heard really good things about No7 superlight! I’d recommend bare minerals, worth the money. You could probably ask for a free sample which would last you a few weeks haha.
        Thank you! Xx

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  2. Hey, i suffered with really bad eczema for maybe 7 years (from when i was around 1 or 2 till i was 6 or 7) i stilll get bad skin now and again and also suffer from acne 😦 its mostly my wrists that i get my eczema but at one point it was all over my body. stress is what causes it now though and flying (think its the air but not 100% sure). I found out that i am allergic to strawberrys at age 6 and that was what caused me to flair up in such bad skin. i now avoid strawberries as much as i can as since i struggle with acne i dont want my eczema to flair up as then i will have to deal with both 😦 Sudocrem is good if its not a bad flair up just itchy and a bit dry the same with e45. i have had all sorts of prescriptions for my eczema but the best one for me was diprobase or double base but sometimes i had to go on stronger ones as my skin was so bad.
    Thanks for checking out my blog means a lot.
    Becca x

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